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Presenting EnvCalc – all the software you need for offline processing of coherent optical communications measurements.


EnvCalc is a toolbox of routines running under MATLAB® that processes waveforms from a real-time sampling oscilloscope.  Starting from saved raw measurement files, it calculates the information bits on the optical signal, together with the bit error rate and Q factor, and can display the signal graphically in a multitude of ways.  By taking care of the basic operation of calculating an optical signal's modulation envelope, EnvCalc lets your organisation focus on the high level features of your application.


EnvCalc includes the following routines:

·    calibration of the passive optical mixer

·    clock recovery

·    phase estimation

·    matches signal values to pseudorandom bit sequence

·    counts bit errors

·    Q-factor

·    adaptive equalisation

·    graphical output


To find out about the features of EnvCalc in detail click here.

EnvCalc will run on a Macintosh, PC or workstation, provided MATLAB is already installed.  For more information click here.

The configuration of a coherent detection experiment which observes an optical signal in a real-time sampling oscilloscope is described here.